Off The Land


They have a verve and enthusiasm, sprinkled with a good dose of youthful exuberance and humour, that makes these songs sound fresh and relevant still. It should also be noted that they are fine musicians and use their combined voices to good effect.

Whilst we are fortunate today to have many fine musicians who can fuse styles to excellent effect it is good see that the traditions of English folk are not being ignored, but carried forward with genuine appreciation and gusto. This is an excellent album that will appeal to a wide range of listeners and should do well.

Released 2016

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  1. Away To The South’ard
  2. Lacy House/Right Under The Bridge
  3. False Lady
  4. Horkstow Grange
  5. The Death of Nelson
  6. Rod’s (Mr Adams’ Schottische/Portswood Hornpipe/Steamkettle)
  7. Poor Old Man
  8. The Coalowner and the Pitman’s Wife
  9. After the Floods
  10. Country Hirings
  11. Two Brothers

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