Footwork / Lewis Wood


Lewis’s debut solo album, consisting of original tunes for English Step Dancing.

Released 24th June 2022.

Produced by Lewis Wood and Alex Garden.

Featuring Dancing by Melanie Barber, Toby Bennett, Lynette Eldon, Jo Harmer, Simon Harmer and Lisa Sture.

  1. The Third Wednesday
  2. Mel’s Hornpipe
  3. 10 Things To Do In August (Pts. 1-3)
  4. Trip To Middleton / Three Men On A Pink Stool
  5. Maybe / Above The Ground
  6. The Appreciated Violin
  7. Pakefield Polka
  8. The Suspension Of Disbelief
  9. Soup Of The Night
  10. Kick Down The Door / Kairos
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